About me

After many years as a corporate employee I took the leap of faith and started my own home-based

business, which failed spectacularly.

Over the next 15 years I launched and owned several small and home-based businesses, some more

successful than others but following a health setback I found myself unable to continue either as an owner or mentor for others, something I had been doing quite a lot of.

For more than a year I dithered between “I don’t want to do anything” to “I need to get off my ass and do something constructive”. The latter option eventually won out, but it raised an even more perplexing

question—what was I going to do?

After some dabbling with Internet marketing, which again highlighted my inadequacies when it came to cold-call selling I decided to focus on something which I enjoyed doing albeit not overly talented at—writing.

Having over the years written various long and short articles for several publications and blogged

regularly about home and small business ownership I decided to discover whether my skill level matched that of my passion. And so, I wrote my first ebook. A non-fiction piece on what I had a better-than-average knowledge of: how to start your own home-based business.

The first thing I discovered as I started to do my research; not about business start-ups but about how to go about writing a book, was that I was seriously out of my depth when it came both to actually writing and book and how to publish it.

And so began a fascinating journey of learning and discovery about writing and the purpose of this website is to share my journey with other wannabe writers.

I have begun at the very beginning, how I went about deciding on the topic of my first work of art and

why I decided to try and produce my first book using the lowest cost options, I could find but still maintaining an acceptable level of quality. A position I know other newbie writers have found themselves in.

Hence the name of the website—For the Newbie Writer.

I hope you enjoy the journey, learn from my successes and failures and feel free to chip in and share your experiences in the comments section of each post. So, hop on board as I venture into the unknown to find out whether I can actually cut it as a writer!

Tony Paull


South Africa

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